Automatic Sleeves Storage


Carousel sleeves or cylinder storage, at vertical development. This machine allow to save floor space by exploiting the height up to ten meters.
The fully galvanized steel frame is enclosed with insulated panels, which protect the sleeves also with the printing plates mounted, from the light and dust.
The rotating movable flange is constantly changing the position of the sleeves, preventing ovality and axial deformation over time.
The footswitch, allows the load and unload the sleeves, in simple and secure mode.
The search of the positions is controlled by a PLC, interfaced with the operator by means of a touch-screen panel.
For a good organization of production we have proposed and implemented at our customers the islands work.
This configuration consists of one or more Stimag, together with one or more Stimount, thus optimizing the mounting of printing plates according to the schedule of production orders.
The sleeves with printing plates mounted are loaded and protected in warehouses ready for use in the printing department, when they need it.

Mod. H mm L mm P mm Kg Pos.
50 5000 2000 8000 4200 250
75 7500 5000 4800 250
100 10000 4000 5400 250