Robipack S.r.l.

Robipack was founded in 1992 by Giampaolo De Grandi, designer of flexo machines and accessories.
Since its foundation, Robipack has experienced a gradual growth by establishing itself in the market for industrial packaging machines thanks to the design and construction of flexographic machines, solvent and solvent-less laminating machines, rewinders, rotary store for sleeves, flexographic mounter plate, pneumatic pumps for inks.
The consolidated experience in the years of dedication to the study of the sector, first as a designer for third parties, then as a manufacturer, has been reflected in the Italian and world market.

Quality and experience

Knowing the concepts, the techniques of flexography and combining them with the experience gained over the years, have been decisive for achieving the quality level that Robipack can now offer to its customers. Living directly and in the first person the problems of the production departments of the companies, acquiring the suggestions of the technicians who work on the packaging machines, have been and continue to be the lymph that feeds the development of the Robipack flexographic machines and the improvement of the details that make the simplest and most reliable the Robipack mounter plate machine and the rotary store for cylinders and sleeves.

Robipack in the World

The experience gained side by side with the production departments of customers, the ability to listen and the strong personalization of the Robipack service, have allowed us to expand sales and assistance worldwide.

World map with indications of the systems sold