Stimount – iSint – 20HD

Robipack's Stimount mounter plates is the latest machine evolution for positioning flexographic plates. It has a mechanical precision of 0.01 mm, thanks to the positioning system with optical line ROM 1000.
The display device with digital colour cameras that magnify the micro dot fifty times, ensures the operator to obtain simple and very precise positioning. The Stimount mounter plates, has the rotation of the cylinder motorized, and performs the task of angular divider.
The rotation of the cylinder can also be controlled manually using the appropriate foot controls.
The Stimount mounter plates, is suitable for mounting flexographic plates on steel cylinders and sleeves, and can be equipped with various accessories such as: retractable table for mounting large plates; circular knife for trimming cliché and double-sided tape; pneumatic chuck for sleeves; cantilever device for changing the sleeves.
The ability to memorize assembly recipes allows to reduce production times.



The Stimount machine, intended for foreign markets, are packed in special wooden boxes previously fumigated with ISPM / 15 treatment.