StiMan – SL

The StiMan-SL was created to meet the needs of those customers who do not want to distract too many resources in a machine for the assembly of flexographic plates.
The numerous requests for cheap or used machines made us reflect and for these reasons Robipack has decided to develop a simple and affordable model without sacrificing assembly precision.
The StiMan-SL is completely manual and intuitive, simple to use and precise in the repetition of the positions of the cameras, thanks to the digital display system.


Manual rotation

The manual rotation is equipped with a mechanical divider that allows the assembly of plates out of phase between them.
The reference point display system consists of two colour cameras equipped with lenses that display the original subject magnified up to 50 X. The micrometric adjustment of +/- 5 mm allows you to center the desired position with an accuracy of + / - 0.01 mm.